Property Standards

A clean and green city needs everyone on board so that we all do our part to make the city beautiful. We’ve been working with community and neighbourhood groups all across Wards 1 & 5 during the past 4 years getting our hands dirty to help pick up litter to inspire everyone to do the same. We’ve planted trees, pulled weeds and even helped with broken tree limbs.

Our team also follows up promptly on property complaints and gets city staff involved for ongoing issues.

What are we doing for clean, green and beautiful neighbourhoods?

We hired more by-law officers to address property standards complaints while growing revenue for program operation and keeping taxes competitive.

Across the city, over 54,000 property standards complaints were investigated with 14,000+ charges laid.

Implemented new technology called AMPS – Administrative Monetary Penalty System to streamline by-law enforcement and fine collection.

We are reducing illegal lodging homes and collaborating with Sheridan College for student housing and supporting higher density developments.

We are working directly with neighbourhood groups like People Against Littering to raise awareness, change behaviours and beautify our environment.

We are always listening and are planning to do even more when we get re-elected

Support Resident Associations and offer grant funding for local volunteer beautification initiatives.

Utilize property tax billing system for fines related to lodging house and second unit landlords, including raising fines for repeat offences. Implement a lodging house licensing program, including a Landlord Code of Conduct and authorization for comprehensive compliance inspections.

Support property developments that increase housing supply while also decreasing the economic motivations for lodging houses and negligent landlords.

Provide you with even better communications from our office staff so that your issues can be tracked and resolved in a timely manner.

Do you have any feedback? Do you have other priorities that you would like to see us focus on? Let us know.