Community Safety

The #1 concern of residents in Wards 1 & 5 is road and community safety. In the past 4 years, we have made major improvements.

Making Our Streets Safer

Implemented traffic calming measures including speed cushions, all-way stop signs, bike lanes and urban shoulders in areas across Wards 1 & 5

Installed 50 automated speed enforcement cameras to help make roads safer (largest deployment in Ontario)

Designated 180 community safety zones across the City, protecting people by increasing fines for speeding

Launched the Peel Regional Police Road Watch program, Project ERASE and Project Noisemaker to reduce speeding, traffic violations, and noise pollution

Integrated the Vision Zero framework into transportation planning to prevent harm from motor vehicle collisions

Worked with local neighbourhoods to study and implement all-way stops

Rolling out stop arm cameras on school buses

Making our Communities Safer

Hired 180 new police officers and secured new police substations in key locations, including Downtown Brampton

Stopped 7-Eleven’s application to serve alcohol when mental health, homelessness and addictions issues threatened our community

Spearheaded the Break the Silence campaign to eliminate family and intimate partner violence in Peel

Initiated the Welcoming Streets Pilot Project to support Downtown Brampton safety while assisting vulnerable populations

Worked with vehicle manufacturers to find creative solutions to stop auto theft

Established a Community Safety Advisory Committee to consult the community on important issues

Launched Community Safety Action Plan and Community Safety Office to address root causes

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