BramptonU Advocacy Results in Major Post-Secondary Wins for Students

It is back-to-school season and residents have been asking about the future of post-secondary education in Brampton. As the only big city in Canada without a comprehensive university, Brampton is at a disadvantage as our students have to commute to other parts of the GTA or live away during the school year. Our local economy […]

Attention to local issues

“Rowena and Paul visit us regularly. They listen to our needs and have helped make our parks more usable for everyone in the community. This means a lot to us as Seniors.” Pritpal GrewalCreditview Seniors Group

Advocacy for you and your family

“Councillor Vicente and Councillor Santos have championed this project [Brampton Medical School] for the community. Thank you both for your leadership and your support.” Dr. Mohamed Lachemi,President Toronto Metropolitan University (formerly Ryerson University)

Leading through challenges

“Rowena and Paul have been here when we needed them the most during the pandemic lockdowns. They made sure to support our frontline workers while also supporting local with our shop.” Kat & Dave BhullarCookies By Design